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Improve your SMT production

All methods which are made to improve your SMT production are mostly made in a practical way to find a solution for a problem. However most of these practical solutions are made with a commercial goal and made easy to produce. Fix Trade made a selection throughout the years based on experiences with second hand and used machines. We have the knowledge of the users and our own experiences. We know that most of the customers who are searching for equipment wants to be superior in knowledge in what they want. And yes lots of them know more by experiences. Those who need more information about the possibilities which exist you always can search on sites where used equipment can be found. Mostly there you can find if a machine has being sold a lot, used a lot.

Machines in a brand new condition can mean several  things. Or the manufacturer was quickly not on the market anymore.. the machine does not where it was made for.. or the user did not have enough work for it. A used machine is always used. If not… there might be a problem. In that case the history of the machine can be very useful.

To improve your production, first question might be;

-          why?

-          Budget

-          Floor space

-          Smallest component and biggest component, size of the boards, production capacity needs.

The best way to find out is to talk with us. We know exactly where the improvement have to be implemented. We also have the knowledge of prices and availability + the alternatives which can provided such as equivalent or similar products.

We have done a lot of exchange of machines worldwide. Build production facilities for high volume production of Led lights, DvD players, automotive, Defense, Radar, LED TV. Also very small facilities for prototyping and small series. For all your questions call us of write an email with the questions you have.

If you have machine for sale or in de need of an exchange of machines let us know.


AOI system for Risetronics


Fix trade delivers a AOI systems speed scanner system for AOI inspection to Risetronics. The benefit of these systems is fast program times, import BOM CAD Data and a truly excellent performance AOI Machine.

Perfect for low volume series but also for first board inspection and higher volume production, An outstanding quality control for your production!

AOI Systems Ltd the Inspection Specialists with over 15 years experience in the Automated Optical Inspection market. Manufacturing Scanner Based AOI and Image Comparators in the UK. Distributing high specification Video Microscopes, X-Ray & Camera Based AOI throughout Europe.The systems are in a good budget and for more information go to


Risetronics is a young company set-up in 2006, located in Brussels – Belgium.

Its establishment is the result of more than 10 years owners experience in the field of electronics – in both worlds of R&D and Production.

We act as subcontractors in the assembly of electronic boards using SMD technology and/or conventional trough-hole components.

Unlike other traditional CEMs, we focus our business in the field of rapid prototyping, small series production and rework.

Read more on our capabilities in the Services section.


Thanks to its very flexible structure, Risetronics aims at being a privileged intermediary for companies involved in developing electronic projects.

We are able to carry out both manual and automated production processes, depending on project complexity, deadlines, quantities, component supply type …

Risetronics offers a backing to developers based on service, quality and short delivery times.




Fix Trade “Working makes succes together”

???????????????Fix Trade delivered a pre used Assembleon AX 501 Pick & Place machine in The Netherlands.


The Assembleon AX 501 is made in The Netherlands, also one of the biggest producers in the world of high efficient pick & place machines.

It seems that the success of the outsourcing for assembly into the Asian region comes to an end. More and more European customers are coming back for several reasons. Cheap does not mean quality and short delivery times are not a guarantee that all products are made as you think it should be. Also the financial issues between far away countries not to speak about juristically issues.

The thing in Europe at the moment is the price issue. We are producing with to much costs such as personal and energy most of all are the days off and the additional insurances the companies have to pay. You can do it with a high efficient logistic system or very cost effective purchasing.   That won’t be enough to be cheaper then the Asian countries. Therefore we have to invest in machines which are competitive  against lots of cheap people. We can beat them on that. We also found out that the customer is pleased if the products come from a production somewhere in the neighbourhood.


News about AOI

AOI systems is a system based on a scanner principle. This is a fast and easy way to scan pcb’s and combining the CAD files easely. With this information the scanned board will be checked.

The CAD import facility requires only basic placement Information such as Ref ID, Part No, Package Type, X, Y and rotation. Any adjustments to scaling, rotation, polarity and positioning can be adjusted using the correct fields in the CAD exchange file. An enhancement to this feature is the BOM comparison tool which allows you to import either the CAD or Pick and place info and then compare that information to the electronic BOM.


A file will then be created with any errors between the XY and BOM files, and an import file will also be created with the merged information, automatically making the perfect document for First Article Inspection

The layout viewer is another simple but very effective electronic tool that ensures that the inspection is being carried out is correct to not only to the BOM and XY Positions, but also polarity enabled devices have been placed in the correct orientation.


Our business ‘know how’ to serve you!

Fix trade BV is a sales organization specialized in the distribution of capital production equipment and materials for the production assembly of electronic devices.

We are specialized in cleaning and coating of electronic printed circuit boards. As well refurbishing and installation and service of production facilities and used machines.

Since 2004 Fix Trade also delivers all kinds of new equipment like; reflow ovens, screen printers, Pick & Place machines, Vapour Phase, Cleaning machines, AOI systems, Scanning systems, BGA rework, Dipcoating machines.. Some brands we can offer are AOI systems, Quins, DCA, TWS, Seho, Streckfuss, Vision, Elma, Ramgraber, Knodel,

Beside that we offer all kinds of used machines like; Vironics soltec, Soltec, Seho, PVA, Philips, Siemens Siplace, Assembleon, Dek, screenprinters,

SOLTEC, dynapert, COSY is a buyer and seller of screenprinters, placement systems of well known manufacturers. Since 1999 Fix Trade has been a supplier of quality pre-owned production machines and test systems for the PCB assembly industry. We are also able to supply and eeders tha

SMD Bestückungsautomaten von Assembleon/Philips, Fuji, Hitachi, Juki/Zevatech, Panasonic, Siemens, Sanyo, UIC Universal
THT Bestückungsautomat (axial, radial, DIP) von Dynapert, Fuji, Panasonic, UIC Universal, TDK
Siebdrucker/Schablonendrucker von DEK, Ekra, Cookson Speedline MPM
Dispenser von Cookson Speedline Cam-Alot, Asymtek, Siemens Siplace, Fuji, Panasonic, UIC Universal
THT Lichtzeigertische von Heeb, Royonic
Reflowöfen von Asscon, Electrovert, Ersa, Heller, IBL, Rehm, Seho, SMT, Vitronics Soltec
Wellenlötanlagen von Ersa, Inertec, Seho, Soltec, Streckfuss
Leiterplattenhandling (Transportbänder, Inspektionsbänder, Durchgangs-Modul, Magazinstationen, Abstapler, uvm.) von Asys, Fuji, Grohmann, Rommel, Siemens, Tecona, UIC Universal
ICT In Circuit Tester von Agilent HP, Genrad, Marconi, Spea

AOI-Optische Inspektions-Systeme von Orbotech, VI, Viscom, Modus, Marantz…

SMD placement machines from Assembleon/Philips, Fuji, Hitachi, Juki/Zevatech, Panasonic, Siemens, Sanyo, UIC Universal
THT insertion machines (axial, radial, DIP) from Dynapert, Fuji, Panasonic, UIC Universal, TDK
Screen printer/stencil printer from DEK, Ekra, Cookson Speedline MPM
Dispenser from Cookson Speedline Cam-Alot, Asymtek, Siemens Siplace, Fuji, Panasonic, UIC Universal
THT light guided assembly tables from Heeb, Royonic
Reflow ovens from Asscon, Electrovert, Ersa, Heller, IBL, Rehm, Seho, SMT, Vitronics Soltec
Wave soldering machines from Ersa, Inertec, Seho, Soltec, Streckfuss
Board handling (conveyor, inspection conveyor, shuttle gate, magazine loader and unloader, destacker) from Asys, Fuji, Grohmann, Rommel, Siemens, Tecona, UIC Universal
ICT In Circuit Tester from Agilent HP, Genrad, Marconi, Spea

AOI Optical inspection systems from Orbotech, VI, Viscom, Modus, Marantz…